I'm Anand, A Freelancer Business Development Executive

With a rich background as a business development executive, I've honed a versatile skill set that encompasses efficient office management, client relationship cultivation, impactful sales campaigns, and strategic collaboration at the executive level. My commitment to operational excellence has allowed me to adeptly manage a spectrum of office tasks, ensuring seamless daily operations. 

In the realm of client relations, my proven expertise lies in establishing and nurturing strong connections. By understanding client needs intricately and delivering tailored solutions, I've consistently fostered client satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and positive referrals. On the sales front, I've executed campaigns with precision, driving revenue growth and expanding market reach. My strategic mindset and keen market insights have enabled me to consistently surpass sales targets, from identifying new opportunities to negotiating high-value contracts. 

What sets me apart is my executive-level experience, collaborating closely with CEOs, Founders, Co-Founders, and MD. This has equipped me with the ability to align business development initiatives with overarching organizational goals, translating high-level visions into actionable plans. Ready to contribute my wealth of experience, I am poised to drive brand awareness, foster client relationships, and play a pivotal role in the sustained growth of any forward-thinking organization.

Four Years. One Orginal Goal. 

I help companies to grow big via B2B, B2C and C2C sales. As a business developer, I learned to maintain professional and quality relationships with the CEO, Project Manager & individual clients. I am working in an agile business model to maintain quality work. I can help you if you need to Identify potential clients in the targeted market and complete appropriate research on the prospective client’s business and their needs. Well, I can develop relationships with prospective clients, while maintaining existing client relationships. 

I am capable of working with the partner & sales teams to create contract-winning proposals for current and potential clients. Some of the toughest techniques are to negotiate terms with clients and communicate to maintain relationships but experience teaches a lot.  I love to collaborate with design and production teams to ensure agile methodologies are executed and followed on time and as agreed. Learning new technics all the time from big brands and implementing them in such a way that startups can grow 5x faster compared to regular development.

My Work Experience

Full Time 

Business Development Executive

KanhaSoft | September 2023 - Present |


Business Development Executive 

3Brain Technologies | May 2021 - May 2023 | 

Full-Time (2 Years)

Business Development Executive 

Webenix Technologies | Mar 2019 - Aug 2020 | 

Full-Time (1 Year & 6 Months)

Freelance & Contracts

Business Development Executive

Anyday | May 2023 - July 2023 | 

Contract (1 month)

Business Development Executive

Figurus | November 2022 - January 2023 | 

Freelance (3 months)


Android Certified Training

Tops Technologies | October 2018 - March 2019 | 

Full-Time (6 Months)



My Education

Bachelor's Degree - Gujarat Technical University

College - Darshan University 

Computer Engineering  April 2016 - November 2020

Diploma Degree - Gujarat Technical University

College - Atmiya University 

Computer Engineering  April 2014 - November 2016 


Character Reference

Anyday (Canada)

Danny Elkhoury - Founder

Webenix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Anand Patadiya - Managing Director   

Figurus (Canada)

Ivica Sopkic - Founder

Cogtix Solutions (India)

Akash Limbani - Co-Founder 

StartUp Adviser(United Kingdom)

Gary Dixon - Founder

3Brain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Aarif Qureshi - Co-Founder 

Must-Have, Skillset


I am Passionated, about

Planting & Gardening

Watching Tech Videos Especially - @MKBHD , @JerryRigEverything & @Mrwhosetheboss

Watching Apple Events & Specially WWDC 

Creating Marketing Posts on Canva 

Watching Netflix & Website Designs

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