Hi, I'm Anand, a Business Developer.

Currently working as a business development executive at 3Brain Technologies. I help companies to grow big via B2B, B2C and C2C sales. As being a business developer I learned to maintain professional and quality relationships with the CEO, Project Manager & individual clients. I am working in an agile business model to maintain quality work.

I can help you if you need to Identify potential clients in the target market and complete appropriate research on the prospective client’s business and equipment needs.

Well, I can develop relationships with prospective clients, while maintaining existing client relationships. I am capable of working with the partner & sales teams to create contract-winning proposals for current and prospective clients. Some of the toughest technics are to negotiate contract terms with clients and communicate terms to maintain relationships but experience teaches a lot.

I love to collaborate with design and production teams to ensure contracted product specifications are executed on-time and as agreed. Learning new technics all the time from big brands and implementing them in such a way that startups can grow 5x faster compared to regular development.


Thank you for checking out my website. I have been working as a Business Developer since last 2 years. I had successfully completed 2 years with International sales.


I had the skills to generate leads for long-term periods as I have been working with B2B sales on a daily basis. I also have the potential to generate B2C sales but as I had decided to dedicate my career to B2B sales I have been working more closely to B2B sales, I get a kind of gripe specifically for the B2B sales.

As a business developer, It is my responsibility to advise/suggest the company to move towards what type of business strategy will grow the company and accomplish the growth. I always practicing to be updated with all the latest technologies which are been in the market to accomplish my knowledge and advice the company to make growth towards the technologies which will be going to get more leads in nearby months.

I am always open to better opportunities but if it is worthy then only I will apply. I am not open to all the company's but yes, If I like your company and the working atmosphere then I will give a chance to your company.

Sales is not an easy task and if you do it daily then also its required patience.


I help the company to implement marketing plans in order to maximize business performance and increase sales. I also help the companies to grow, by attending business events, implementing marketing strategies, interacting with potential clients and business partners.

Business Development Executive

3Brain Technologies 2021 - Present

Business Development Executive

Webenix Technologies Mar 2019 - Aug 2020

Certified Training - Tops Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Android App Development October 2018 - March 2019


I had the pleasure to study in one of the quality universities. Continuous learning and improvement in my skillsets and updating my technological knowledge. People say there is no age for learning, I am that believer.

Bachelor Degree - Gujarat Technical University

College - Darshan University

Computer Engineering April 2016 - November 2020

Diploma Degree - Gujarat Technical University

College - Atmiya University

Computer Engineering April 2014 - November 2016

Other skills

While working as Business Developer, I was able to find others interesting & exciting areas where I love to dive deep. I did my best to develop those skills while working with other talented people, designers, engineers, project managers, clients, and artists.

Fluent English Communication

Interpersonal Skills

Commercial Awareness

Deadline Orientation

Time management

Project Management

Consistent & Responsible


After all, I had the pleasure to meet and work with talented and creative people with different passions. That encouraged me to have other activities which are not related to work. Here are some thing which I like to do most of the time when I am not working.

Planting & Gardening

Watching Tech Videos Especially - @MKBHD , @JerryRigEverything & @Mrwhosetheboss

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